H 319 verbs

habitable, behabitual, becomehabituatehack (into)hack (it/s.t.)hack (up/down)hack o's way (through)hackneyed, be(come)had, behaggard, behagglehailhail ashail fromhairy, behalf-baked, behalf-dead, behalf-deaf, behalf-hearted, behalf-naked, behalf-starved, behalf-witted, behallowhallowed, behalthalting, behalvehalves, goham (up)hammerhammer away at (s.o./s.t.)hammer downhammer intohammer outhammer togetherhammer uphamperhandhand awayhand backhand downhand inhand onhand outhand overhand s.t. down to s.o.hand, give s.o. ahand, lead by thehand, lend ahandcuffhandicaphandicapped, behandlehandpickhandsome, behandy, be/come inhanghang about/around/outhang backhang in therehang o's headhang o.s.hang on (to)hang on s.o.'s wordshang out (of)hang out (with)hang out/around/onhang overhang togetherhang toughhang uphang withhappenhappen (make s.t.)happen on, uponhappy, beharangueharborhard up, behard, behard, be(come)hardenhardy, beharkhark backharmharmonious, beharmonizeharnessharp on, upon (about)harrassharrowing, beharsh, beharvesthashhash (of), make ahash out/overhasslehaste, be in/makehasten (to do s.t.)hastily, speakhatchhatch (up)hatehateful, behaughty, behaul (up/down)haul off (and do s.t.)haul up beforehaunthavehave (ailments)have (s.o.) uphave (s.t.) outhave (s.t.) out with s.o.have a swelled headhave darshanhave done with (it)have feverhave had ithave had it (with s.o. or s.t.)have in/overhave it in for s.o.have it in o.s. (to do)have it o's own wayhave it off, away withhave onhave on (one's person)have over s.o.have s.t. against s.o.have s.t. in commonhave serious illnesshawkhawk (up)hazardhazehazy, behazy, makehead (up)head for/towardhead offhead, come to ahead, keep o'sheadless, beheadlinehealheapheap (up)hearhear (s.o.) outheard, beheart-broken, beheartenheatheave (a sigh)heave (away) atheave (up)heave into (view)heave toheave upheavy, be/growhecklehedgehedge (about/around) with, behedge inheedheelhefty, beheightenhellish, behelphelp (doing s.t.), be unable tohelp (out)help (s.o.) uphelp o.s. tohelped, (s.t.) can't behelpful, behemhem and hawhem inheraldherdhesitatehew outhiccup (hiccough)hidden, behidden, keephide (o.s.)hide away/outhigh-handed, behigh-minded, behigh, be(come)hijackhikehike uphilarious, behilly, behinderhingehinge on/uponhint (at)hirehire (s.o.) onhire outhisshithit (a target)hit (it) offhit athit on/againsthit s.o. up for (a loan)hitchhitch uphoardhoarse, becomehoary, be(come)hoaxhobblehockhoehoghoistholdhold (breath)hold (on)hold (out)hold (s.o.) uphold (s.t.) against (s.o.)hold backhold downhold forthhold o's breath/tonguehold offhold officehold on/outhold out forhold out onhold overhold s.t. over s.o.hold tighthold tohold togetherhold uphold up ashold withhomesick, behonehonest, behoneymoonhonkhonorhoodwinkhoodwinked, behook (up)hooked, be/gethoophoothoot (down/off)hophop (on)hop (over)hopehopeful, behornhorn in (on)horrible, behorrified, behorse around, abouthorsewhiphose down/outhospitalizehostile, behot under the collar, behot uphot, be/makehotfoot (it)houndhound out (of office)househoverhowlhuddlehuff (and puff)huff, be in ahuffy, behughug o.s.huge, behullhumhumanizehumble (be/grow)humdrum, behumid, becomehumiliatehumorhunch (over)hunger for/afterhungry, behunt (down)hurlhurryhurry (up/along)hurthurt (feelings)hurtlehusbandhush (up)huskhustlehw{arm}hw{blushhw{implorehw{keep at (s.o./s.t.hw{misusehw{saut{\' e}ed, behybridizehyphenatehypnotize