L 310 verbs

labellaborlacelace intolaceratelacklack (for)lactateladle (out)lag (behind)laicizelaid up, belam, go on (the)lamblambast(e)lamelame, be(come)lamentlampoonlancelandlanguishlap (up)lapse (into/from)large, be(come)lark (about)lashlash out (at)lastlast, belatchlatch ontolatent, belatherlaudlaugh (at)laugh awaylaugh downlaugh out/offlaunch (out/into)launderlavish (on)laylay (a trap)lay (bets)lay (down)lay (groundwork of)lay (out/before)lay (to rest)lay a finger onlay asidelay aside/awaylay barelay claim tolay downlay down one's lifelay down/outlay flatlay inlay intolay lowlay o's hands onlay offlay onlay openlay outlay s.t. on (thick)lay wastelaze (about/around)laze awaylazy, be, feelleadlead (life)lead (up) tolead astraylead offlead s.o. onleaf outleaf throughleakleanlean (on/against)lean onlean towardslean, be(come)leapleap (up)leap atleap intoleap tolearnlease (from)lease (out)leashleaveleave (behind)leave (off)leave outleave s.o. in the lurchlectureleech (onto)leech (s.o. dry)leer (at)left (over), belegalizelegislatelegitimatelegitimizelendlend (out)lend assistancelengthenless, becomelessenletlet (s.o.) have itlet uplet (s.o., s.t.) downlet flylet go (of)let on that/aboutlet outlet s.o. in (on)let s.o. in forlet s.o. in(to)let s.o. knowlet s.o. offlet s.o. out (of s.t.)let s.o. passlet s.o. uplet s.o., s.t. alonelet s.o., s.t. looselet s.t. drop, falllet s.t. flylet s.t. golet s.t. loose onlet s.t. off (from)let s.t. outlet s.t. out oflet s.t. passlet s.t./s.o. offlet uplet up on s.t.letterlevellevel (off/out/up)level against/atlevel atlevel with s.o.leveragelevitatelevyliberalizeliberatelicenselick (off/up)lielie (lay) backlie about/aroundlie behindlie downlie down (cause to)lie inlie in ambush/waitlie o.s. out of s.t.lie one's way intolie overlie up/lowlie with s.o.lifeless, beliftlift (up)lift offlift up o's eyes tolightlight (the way)light (up)light on/uponlight outlightenlighter, becomelikelike, belikenlimitlimit (o.s.)limplimp, be(come)lineline (up)line up behindline up forline(s), drawlingerlinkliquidateliquifylisplistlistenlisten (out) (for)listen in on (to)litigatelitterlittered, belivelive (for)live (it) uplive (together)live offlive onlive outlive throughlive togetherlive up tolive withliven uploadload (up)loaf (around/away)loanloathelobbylocalizelocatelocklock s.o. outlock s.o. uplock s.t. away/uplocked, keep s.t.lodgelodge (at, with)lodge (in)lodge s.t. against s.o., aboutloftlog (off)loiter (away)loll (about/around)loll outlonglong for s.o. to do s.t.look (a)round (for s.t. or s.o.)look (a)round s.t., have alook (as if)look (here)look (out) ontolook afterlook after s.o., s.t.look aheadlook around (for s.t.)look atlook awaylook backlook back on (to) s.t.look down (up)on s.o. (s.t.)look forward to (doing) s.t.look in (on s.o., s.t.)look into s.t.look on s.o. (s.t.) as/withlook on tolook outlook out (of s.t.)look over s.t.look s.o. up and downlook s.t. uplook through s.t.look tolook to s.o. for s.t.look uplook up to s.o. asloom (up)loop aroundlooseloosen (up)lootlop (off)lopelord (it) overloselose o.s. in s.t.lose one's headlose one's waylose out (on)lose s.t. inloss, belost, be (get)loud, beloungelounge away/outlouse uplovelowlowerlower (become)lower o.s.lubricateluglulllumplump (it)lump togetherlumpy, getlunchlurchlurelurklust after/forlustrous, be(come)luxuriant, beluxuriate (in)