G 552 verbs

gabgabblegad (about/around)gaggaga, gogaingain (control)gain (influence)gain (speed)gain on, upongainful, begalvanizeganggang (up) on/againstgapegarbgarblegardengarglegarlandgarland (string)garnergarnish withgarrulous, begasgas upgashgasifygaspgasp for, aftergasp in/with/atgasp outgathergather (around)gather upgaunt, be(come)gauzy, begawdy, begawkgawky, begay, begaze atgear downgear togear upgeared up, begeldgeminategeneral, begeneralizegenerategenerous, begenial, begentle, begenuflectgenuine, begermane, begerminategesticulategesturegetget (angry)get (away, out)get (down) toget (down/back) toget (hold of)get (o.s.) out (or away from s.t.)get (ready)get (s.o.) acrossget (s.o.) startedget (s.t.) outget (s.t.) upget (to)get a glimpse/sight ofget a haircutget a load ofget aboutget above o.s.get accustomed toget acrossget afterget aheadget ahead ofget alongget along (in years)get angryget around (s.o.)get around s.t.get at (s.t.)get at/to (s.o.)get awayget away (with)get away/off, get goingget backget back atget behindget behind s.o.get betterget byget clearget closeget discouragedget done withget drunkget hold ofget inget in frontget in the way (of)get intoget involved (with)get itget locatedget looseget marriedget nearget offget off (to a good start)get off (to sleep)get oldget onget on (towards, to)get on o's nervesget on toget on to s.t.get on with s.t.get one's hands onget one's own wayget outget out of handget out of s.t.get out of sightget out of the wayget out/aboutget overget over s.t.get paidget possession ofget rid ofget ripeget s.o. intoget s.o. offget s.o. outget s.o. startedget s.o. through s.t.get s.o. upget s.t. by heartget s.t. madeget s.t. out of s.o.get s.t. out of s.t.get s.t. throughget s.t. togetherget so thatget the hang ofget the upper handget thereget through (to)get through withget tiredget toget to s.o.get to s.t.get togetherget under controlget upget up (a group)get up (as)get up (on)get up (to speed on/with)get up toget used to s.o.get wellget wind of s.t.get wise toghastly, beghost-writeghostly, beghoulish, begiant, be (a)gibbergiddy, begiddy, makegigantic, begigglegildgingery, begird o.s.gird upgirded, begirlish, begivegive (a gift)give (a hand)give (away)give (space)give (up)give a chance (to)give a warninggive awaygive backgive battlegive birthgive birth togive ear togive groundgive ingive it to (s.o.)give o.s. over togive offgive one's wordgive outgive overgive pausegive permissiongive place togive rise togive s.o. a handgive s.o. his headgive s.o. the slipgive s.t. over togive upgive up (hope)give up (on)give vent togive waygive way togiven (o.s.) over togiven to, beglad (of), begladdenglamorizeglamorous, beglance (at, down, through)glance offglareglare atglaring, beglassy, be(come)glazeglaze overglaze with sugargleamgleanglib, beglideglide byglimmerglimpseglintglistenglittergloatglobe-trotgloomy, beglorifyglorious, beglory (in)glossgloss overglossy, beglowglowerglueglue down (up)glued to, begluey, beglutglut o.s. with, onglutinous, becomeglutted, begnarled, begnashgnawgnaw atgnaw away (at)gogo (a)roundgo (ahead/forward)go (along) withgo (come) up togo (get) to sleepgo (through with)go about (s.t.)go aftergo againstgo aheadgo alonggo aroundgo around (to)go asidego atgo at (have a)go awaygo backgo back (on one's word)go back(wards)go badgo beforego beyondgo bygo by (appearances, etc.)go by (the rules, etc.)go downgo down ingo down withgo drygo fargo forgo for (a) walkgo for (s.t.)go forwardgo halvesgo ingo in forgo in/behindgo intogo madgo neargo offgo off (well)go ongo on (at, about s.t.)go on (with)go on and ongo one bettergo outgo out (with)go overgo over (and over)go over (to)go throughgo togo to bedgo to great/considerable expensego to piecesgo to s.o.'s headgo to seedgo to sleepgo to the bargo to the trouble (of)go togethergo undergo upgo up (in flames, smoke, etc.)go withgo with the tide/timesgo withoutgo, letgo, let o.s.go/come (along) withgoadgobble (down)gobble upgod-forsaken, begogglegone, begood, begoof (up)goof around/offgoregorge o.s.gorgeous, begossipgot(ten), begougegoverngrabgrab (s.o.)grab (up)grab atgracegraceful, begracious, begradegradual, begraduategraduate (from)graftgrand, begrandstandgrantgraphgrapple (with)graspgrasp atgrassy, begrategrate ongrateful, begratifygratifying, begravitategravitate (down) to(ward)gray (grey) (be)grazegreasegrease s.o.'s palmgreasy, be(come)great, begreedy, begreen(ish), becomegreen, begreetgreet the earsgreet the eyesgrievegrillgrill s.o.grilled, begrim, begrimacegringrindgrind (away)grind (s.o.) downgrind away (at, for, on)grind downgrind intogrind outgrind upgripgripegripe at, aboutgrit (teeth)grizzlegroangroan outgroan undergroggy, begroomgroom o.s.groovegropegrope after, forgrossgross, begrotesque, begrouchgrouchy, begroundground(ed) in/on (be)ground, be(come)groundless, begroup (together)grouse (about)grovelgrowgrow (s.t.)grow (up)grow afraidgrow angry (with)grow away fromgrow bentgrow blackgrow coolgrow dampgrow darkgrow dimgrow discouragedgrow dismayedgrow drygrow dullgrow evengrow fatgrow fullgrow furiousgrow graygrow hardgrow haughtygrow heavygrow highgrow hoarsegrow intogrow largergrow leangrow lessgrow longgrow luxuriantlygrow meagergrow mellowgrow mildgrow moistgrow numerousgrow oldgrow out ofgrow over-ripegrow palegrow poorgrow proudgrow redgrow richgrow ripegrow rottengrow sadgrow scarcegrow scaredgrow shortgrow slackgrow smallgrow softgrow stiffgrow stoutgrow stronggrow stupidgrow tallgrow tendergrow tender-heartedgrow terrifiedgrow thickgrow thingrow thirstygrow tiredgrow toughgrow upgrow warmgrow weakgrow wearygrow wellgrow whitegrow wrinkledgrowlgrown, begrub (out/up)grudgegrudge (bear a)gruesome, begruff, begrumblegruntguaranteeguardguard againstguarded, beguessguesstimateguestguffawguideguilty, begullible, begulp (back/down)gum upgummy, begungun (down)gun (for)gurglegushgush overgutguzzlegypgyrate